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eskimo frosch

(eskimo frog)

Synopsis: This is the love story of a crazy young couple in Istanbul, told to us by Laura, a young German living in the big city. From the moment on she meets Elias on a ferry boat a relation almost too good to be true forms between the two.

eskimo frosch (german: eskimo frog) was shot on Digital Video over five days in Istanbul in January 2005. This was a no-budget film. Equipment was lend to us by the Turkish-German documentary filmmaker and friend Nedim Hazar, locations were begged, borrowed or stolen...

Cast & Crew

Laura | Larissa Pauw
Elias | Ilker Çatak

Written, Edited and Directed by Ilker Çatak / Johannes Duncker

Filmed by Johannes Duncker

Filmed on miniDV with Canon XL1
Length: 15:04min