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Short Trip

This is your bliss. This is your happiness. This is your short trip. This is your life.

As demonstrations in Istanbul surrounding the Gezi park escalate, a western tourist leaves for a short trip right into the middle of the protests.

"Short Trip" shows the life of a protest-tourist. Visiting the portest shaken city of Istanbul becomes a trip. An experience devoid of polical background or real interest. Using original footage from the demonstrations the film shows the tourist's experiences before finally returning to his orderly, structured, boring life. In a world full of securities a short trip into a crisis becomes the ultimate trip.

2014, HD, 6min

A film by Johannes Duncker


16. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
27. Filmfest Dresden
ISFF Detmold 2015
Short Screens Brussels

Special Screenings / Tours

Freiluft Kino Hamburg
German Movie Night - Goethe Institut Kampala, Uganda
ISFF Detmold 2015 - Best of 2015


Full Film

Cast & Crew

Produced by | Michael Steinwand
Written, Edited & Directed by | Johannes Duncker
Cinematography by | Glenn Campbell, Johannes Duncker, Max Geilke, Marius Kurek & Özcan Tekdemir
Music | Marvin Miller & Lasse Viklund
Sound | Mario Forth
Voice Over | David M. Schulze
Assistant Director | Eckhard Plöttner
Additional Shots by | Ilker Çatak
Credit Sequence by | Til Strobl