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(A Space In Time)


Frank and Magdalena happily move into their new flat. Then they make a discovery: in one of the rooms time seems to pass differently than outside of it. While Magdalena is scared of the possible dangers, Frank starts to use the room obsessively. The two begin to drift apart.

2013, digital, 19min

A film by Ilker Çatak & Johannes Duncker


15. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
International Short Film Festival Minsk
La Pedrera Short Film Festival #10

Cast & Crew

Frank | August Wittgenstein
Magdalena | Elisabeth Milarch

Production Design | Rabea Peter

Lightning Design | Mantas Jockus

Editing | Frederik Geisler

Music | Marvin Miller

Produced by | Frank Becher, Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker

Commissioning Editor | Claudia Gladziejewski

Costume Design | Mareike Bay
Make-up | Maria Buhse
2. Make-up | Elisabeth Pieplow

Sound Recording | Caspar Sachsse
Boom Operator | David Madry
Sound Mixing | Mario Forth

VFX Supervisor | Til Strobl

Camera Assitant | Anthony Molina
2. Camera Assitant Chris Nothekuhlmann
Highspeed-Operator | Armin Mobasseri
Lighting Technician |Stefan Birnbaum , Arvid Klapper

Color Grading | Martin Becker
Construction | Udo Hildebrandt, Kiljan Ammann
Prop Assistant | Susey Arndt, Kirsten Hasenbein

Assitant Director | Eckhard Plöttner
Production Coordinator | Ellen Wölk Production Assitant | Jan Bütow , Eric Wilke
Production Coordinator Assitant | Judith Fraune

Shot on RED Scarlet with Zeiss Ultra Primes.


A production of RIXFILM Ltd. & Co.KG, 24LiesPerSecond in Coproduction with Bayerischer Rundfunk